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Choosing a bartender school in New York City.


Choosing a bartending school? Bar owners and managers look for the advantage of having certified bartenders behind their bars. The real world training at American Bartenders School helps you to gain the confidence and skills necessary to handle a bar effectively. Bar managers are not interested in just hiring ‘servers’ to pour drinks. They lean toward hiring ‘earners’ – individuals who have a great personality, full command of the necessary skills and common sense to run their bar. It’s a lot less work to hire a ‘cookie cutter’ bartender and just train them the nuances of your business than to start from scratch and have to teach them everything.  We screen all of our applicants to ensure they have the capability to complete our program and connect with a job. That’s why we’ve been in business for almost fifty years. Credibility and longevity speak volumes. Did you know that 13 bartending schools opened and closed in New York City over the past twenty years? Some operated illegally, some were dishonest and some didn’t know what they were doing. Beware of programs that don’t offer personalized assistance and attention to detail. Also, steer clear of illegal programs that offer a “license to bartend”. There is no such thing!  Certification is the highest level of training and that’s exactly what we offer.



Anyone 18 years of age (or 17 with parental permission) can legally bartend in New York. Although the drinking age is 21, the serving age is 18. While some young people choose to obtain part-time low wage jobs, bartending allows an individual to earn much more. Working just a few hours a day should net you a decent income, no matter what your age is. Your personality and your attitude add to the earning potential! People tip you because they like you, not necessarily because you handed them the best Gin & Tonic they ever had!

Who you are makes a difference in your capability to get a job. Some people may talk negatively about trade schools based on hearsay or having had a bad, personal experience. Remember, they are not YOU! We work hard to motivate you and help you to gain the self confidence that’s so important on job interviews.

Bartending is not for everyone! That’s why we recommend taking a tour of our school during an open house (which will allow you to sit in on our lectures and lab sessions). This will be of great benefit. Whether you’re recently retired and looking for a part-time job at a restaurant or you want to work weekends at a nightclub while attending college, there’s a job out there for you. We would never discriminate based on your age.



Good economy? Bad economy?  It doesn’t matter.

People will always go out to drink and party. Although the mainstream job market may be stagnant, there’s no downtime with bartending. And no matter where you go in the world – there’s a bar, a nightclub, a restaurant, a catering service, a cruise ship, a lounge or a hotel that needs bartenders. Once you tuck this skill under your arm, it’s forever.

Already have a career? Great!

But what if there’s a problem that arises? What’s your backup plan for an unforeseen downsize or layoff? Prepare yourself with a skill that you can always use! We offer lifetime refresher classes and lifetime job placement to our grads.

If life hands you lemons – make cocktails.



“Paying dues” behind an operational bar is time consuming and won’t necessarily teach you what you need to know. Trailing a bartender as an assistant or working only during slower shifts can’t provide the education necessary to go from A to Z very quickly either. Bartending is not difficult to learn, but it could take time to develop the acumen necessary to be good at it.

Why would any bar owner want you making mistakes on their time and money? Why would they want you pouring liquor down the drain? They don’t! We take pride in creating a very realistic atmosphere (complete with DJ lighting and sound system) where you use special colored dyes to simulate the look and consistency of actual cocktails. Make a mistake? No problem! Dump it out and start again! This is the proven way to learn correctly. We give you descriptive detail (providing you with flavors and important facts about liquors/liqueurs) as we go along. To add to the learning experience, we do hold some product sample tasting of liquor, wine and beer for those 21 or over. Did you know that American Bartenders School gives you not one…but three course manuals? Not to mention full access to our on staff sommelier and cicerone (wine and beer experts).


  • Bartending schools are NOT all the same! Be a smart consumer and make the trip to visit the schools that most interest you. Take a tour of the facility and see a class in session. Don’t just watch a powerpoint presentation or believe the rhetoric. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Make a determination of what you are shopping for. Are you shopping the price or are you shopping the quality of the program? Bartenders earn $150-$300 a shift on average, so the cost shouldn’t be a tremendous factor if the school is great.
  • Make sure that each student receives hands-on training behind an actual bar. A great school is one that provides you with at least 3 hours of lab time for every 1 hour lecture. Make sure students are being treated appropriately and have adequate space to work and learn. Ensure that the bars have operational sinks and soda guns, use real ice (not plastic cubes) and incorporate appropriate glassware and tools.
  • Does the bartender school have a job placement office?  No school can guarantee a job, but they should provide job placement assistance that includes a modern system for maintaining and dispersing up-to-date job listings, resume assistance and personalized service in helping you find jobs that meet your criteria for employment. American Bartenders has an on staff job placement team coordinator available Monday through Friday to assist you in any way they can.


American Bartenders School, as a pioneer business, put bartender training on the map. We have trained over 100,000 graduates in the half century we have been in business. We have the largest training facility and the most qualified instructors. We are owner operated. Not a franchise business  riding the coattails credibility. The biggest benefit to attending our school before others is our notoriety and connection to bar owners and managers. If you needed to hire an employee, would you look to get that person from a little known school or would you rather hire a Harvard or Yale grad? Either way, the cost to hire is zero. The answer is clear! 

American Bartenders School is the best choice for bartender education in New York City.

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