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Bar Equipment

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Jigger image Jigger: A two sided measuring tool with different measures on each side. They come in various sizes.
Muddler picture Muddler: Use for trashing fruit, or condiments,etc
Cocktail shaker picture Cocktail Shakers: Use for blending ingredients in cocktails and mixed drinks. There are two types. The easiest to use is the three part shaker consisting of Metal mixing cup, strainer and measure cap. The 3 part shaker come in various sizes depending on how many drinks you want to prepare.
Boston shaker image The second type is a Boston shaker that consist of a metal mixing cup and a glass mixing cup.
Bar Spoon graphic Bar Spoon: Use to stir ingredients in a mixing cup or in a tall glass or mixing cup.
Strainer image Strainer: Fits in the shaker or mixing cup and used to remove the ice from a mixing cup or cocktail shaker.
Corkscrew picture Corkscrew: Use for opening wine bottles.
Ice Bucket image Ice Bucket: A metal or insulated ice bucket will keep your ice cold and clean.
Ice Tongs or Scoop graphic Ice Tongs or Scoop: Use to add ice to drinks. Never handle ice with your hands, it’s not hygienic. Don’t use glassware as an ice scoop, the glass could easily break in your hands.
Electric Blender picture Electric Blender: Use for drinks with fruit pieces, cream or ice cream. An electric blender will smoothly blend thicker ingredients together.
Cutting board image Cutting Board: Use for cutting fruit with sharp knife.

Bar Supplies

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