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Top 10 Cool Things About Bartending

1. You always have cash in your pocket from tips from customers. Customers on an average tip a dollar a drink. This can add up quickly on a busy shift.
2. People like you and want to become your friend because you’re at the center of the action
3. Knowing bartending is like having a job insurance policy. No matter what the economic times people like to have a drink
4. Flexible work schedule-bartending jobs are available either full or part time. Day, evening and weekend jobs.
5. It’s fast paced and seldom boring-bartending combines both physical and mental abilities
6. You can be creative-new liquors and mixes are always coming out, combine them in a unique way and invent a world famous cocktail
7. Meet interesting people-one of the great things I always liked about bartending is I met people from all walks of life and from different parts of the world
8. Upward mobility-when you’re a bartender you’re in the spotlight. Do a good job and you have a great opportunity to be promoted to management
9. Networking-have a side business that you would like to promote? Every day you’ll meet new people who may be prospects for your product or service. It sure beats cold calling.
10. The world always needs good bartenders.

The food and beverage business is one of the fastest growing in the United States. There are thousands of restaurants, hotels, night clubs and sport bars that use full and part time bartenders nationwide Travel any major street and you’ll see new places opening. It’s not hard to become a bartender. In only 2 weeks you can learn the basics to get you started right here at American Bartenders School.

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