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REPOST: 6 Fascinating, Scary Drinks to Liven Up Any Halloween Party

This is a repost from WCPO Cincinnati,, and was co-written by Joseph Bruno, Director of our school…

It’s easier than ever to go beyond serving glasses of pumpkin ale and neon orange-colored cocktails at an annual Halloween party.

Put together with help from Joseph Bruno, director of the American Bartenders School of New York, here’s a list of six alcoholic beverages that may make even the heaviest drinkers’ knees shake:

Scorpion Vodka
photo via Firebox/

There may not be a better bottle than Scorpion Vodka to display at a Halloween party. The sight of an actual scorpion floating in the 75-proof vodka guests will be swallowing is “guaranteed to frighten the living daylights” out of them, according to online seller Firebox. The best part? Its makers promise the specially-bred Chinese scorpion is completely safe to eat once the bottle is empty.

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