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A Lesson on Bartending Tools for New Bartenders

It is said that “a poor workman blames their tools”, but it can be a simple matter of not understanding how to use them properly. There are some very specific tools, unique to bartending, and you need to know their function to use them properly.  We go over way more tools and how to use them in our online bartending school!

If you’re making a mojito, you need to be able to bruise the mint leaves to release their flavor. Just dropping them in the drink will accomplish nothing!

If whatever you’re mixing has solid pieces that you don’t want to wind up in the drink, there’s a tool for that, and you have to know how to use it.

If you’re going to be fast, efficient, and looked upon as highly competent, you need to know how to pick your pour spouts and pour accurately. The best bartenders don’t measure—they know!

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