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A Lesson on Bar Setup for New Bartenders

When you are bartending an event you typically wear fairly formal attire.  This would include black slacks, black non-slip shoes, a black or white shirt, with a black or white tie, and a black vest or a black jacket depending on the expected temperature of your working environment.

Sometimes your client will ask you to try to fit into the theme of their event.  Ordinarily your own personal (non-working) wardrobe should provide what you need.  Don’t go crazy and try to win the costume contest.  Dress to fit in, not to stand out.

Arrive early and get the things that need to be on ice, on ice!  Nobody appreciates warm Chablis or a room-temperature beer.  If you didn’t prepare your garnishes ahead of time and bring them with you, make sure you have enough time to get them ready before your show starts.

Whether you’re at a table, a pass-through window, or portable bar, set things up the best you can, given the circumstances.  Build a small display of what you have available, so you won’t have to recite beer or wine brands all shift.  The more you prepare, the easier your shift!

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