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Chocolate Pudding Drink Recipe

  • Shot Cocktail Glass
    Shot Cocktail Glass

    1 oz Creme de Cacao (White)

  • 1 oz Hazelnut Liqueur
  • 1 oz Light Cream
  • Shake with ice and strain into Cocktail Glass


Fill the cocktail shaker half way ice and add the cocktail ingredients. Close the shaker firmly, and hold it with your right hand wrapped around the top and your left hand cradling the bottom. Raise the shaker over your shoulder and shake hard until the drink is  chilled, 10 to 15 seconds. Strain it into a glass—a good shake will leave a layer of very fine ice shards on the surface of the drink

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Brandy Alexander

Brandy Alexander

Martini Cocktail Glass
Martini Cocktail GlassBrandy Alexander

Fill mixing cup with ice, shake and strain ingredients into a chilled cocktail glass


  1. ½ oz Brandy
  2. ½ oz Dark Creme de cacao
  3. 2 oz cream
  4. Sprinkle with nutmeg
  5. shake

If you like the taste of eggnog with a hint of chocolate this is a good classic cocktail to try. Its great for after dinner try it instead of dessert.


Banana Banshee

Banana Banshee

  1. 1 oz Creme de Banana
  2. Martini Cocktail Glass1 oz Creme de banana
  3. ½ oz White Creme de cacao
  4. 2 oz  cream
Fill mixing cup with ice shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass

A banshee is a screaming Irish ghoul , but the name for this drink comes from the howler monkey who howls will wake the dead. so if the zombie Apocalypse comes shake yourself one up and enjoy the taste of chocolate and bananas.



Martini Cocktail Glass
Martini Cocktail Glass