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Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bomb is another shot or shooter type cocktail drink recipe that uses an energy drink as a base ingredient.

  1. Rum 151 proof
    Rock Cocktail Glass
    Rock Cocktail Glass
  2. Energy Drink

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Planters Punch


  1. 1 ½ oz Dark Rum
  2. 1/2 ounce 151 Rum (optional)
  3. Fill with equal parts sweet and sour, orange and pineapple juice
  4. Grenadine Syrup
  5. shake
  6. Garnish with a cherry

Build the drink in a tall glass shake and serve with a pineapple garnish. This is tropical drink that has a full bodied dark rum, the juice brings out the taste of the Islands and for a little extra punch your bartender can add some 151 proof rum.


Collins Cocktail Glass
Collins Cocktail Glass