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Secrets Of Good Cocktails

Most the mixed drink recipes you find in bartending guides or on internet cocktail drink websites don’t result in good tasting drinks. The recipes are usually not written by working bartenders in the trade. Here some tips for making great tasting cocktail drinks.

  1. Use the proper amount of liquor. Most drinks shouldn’t contain more than 11/2 ounce of liquor. Too much liquor in a mixed drink overpowers the senses and will result in quick inebriation.
  2. Use the proper amount of mix. Use too little and the taste of the alcoholic spirit overpowers the drink. Use to little and all you taste is the mix. A simple rule is that drink recipes containing carbonated beverages or fruit juices should contain three times the amount of alcoholic spirit.
  3. Drinks containing cream should use twice as much cream as alcoholic spirit.
  4. Drink recipes using a sour citrus juice like lime or lemon and sugar, or a commercial sour bar mix should use twice the amount of alcoholic spirit.
  5. When mixing a drink recipe, always pour the alcoholic spirit first and the mix last. You don’t want the strong taste of the alcoholic spirit to overwhelm the taste.
  6. Give a quick gentle stir to drink recipes that aren’t shaken or blended. This will blend the flavors of the mix and spirits

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