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What The Rich Drink

What to know what bartenders are serving to the  rich?

A national sample of 500+ wealthy American consumers was surveyed online by the Luxury Institute to determine what wealthy people are drinking these days. The Institute’s respondents had an average income of $308,000.00 and an average net-worth of $3.9 million.

If you like champagne and have big bucks this is one for you. Dom Perignon, produced by Moet & Chandon, was ranked as the top champagne brand by the Luxury Institute’s survey. According to those who responded, it’s “timeless” and has and has “superior quality.

Patron tequila, was rated the top premium tequila and its sales have been increasing substantially. Try it the next time you order a Margarita. All tequila sales generally have been increasing.

In 1824, The Macallan was voted the top scotch brand. In December 2007, an anonymous person paid $54,000 for an 81-year-old bottle of single malt Scotch whisky from the Macallan Vintage at a Christie’s auction. It was one of the highest ever paid for a bottle of whisky.

Far Niente, a Napa Valley winery, was voted the top premium wine. The big ticket people praised its “high quality” and “excellent consistency.”

Blended and bottled in the Cognac region of France, Grey Goose was voted the best vodka. Launched in 1997, the brand was bought by Bacardi in 2004 for about $2 billion. Interestingly, in several blind tastings it was ranked near the bottom.

Ten botanicals are used to give Bombay Sapphire, rated the best gin, its taste: almonds, lemon, liquorice, juniper berries, orris root, angelica, coriander, cassia bark, cubeb berries and grains of paradise. All of these special ingredients give it a unique taste.

Among cognacs, Grand Marnier came out on top. Grand Marnier is a blend of fine cognacs and essence of wild tropical oranges and is aged in French oak casks. Grand Marnier isn’t a pure cognac according to definition.

Moet & Hennessey’s 10 Cane, rated the top rum, says that its taste comes from using Trinidadian sugar cane instead of molasses, as other rums do. Rum has been increasing in popularity in the last several years.

Made in the heart of Kentucky, Woodford Reserve was rated the top whiskey. Woodford Reserve is also the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby. Makers Mark is probably the most highly rated American Whiskey among all classes of drinker