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New York Bartending School Review

American Bartenders School Graduate Comments

Here are some of the things that recent graduates say about their experience at American Bartenders School New York. American Bartenders School in New York City is the nation’s oldest and original bartending school. We have trained and helped thousands of men and women of all ages become working bartenders in New York’s finest establishments. You learn bartending by doing like on the job training.

bartending school review brandi

Bartending is a good way to make extra money
Brandi W

I liked Michael my instructor. He gave us traditional ways to do things, but also let us know some new tricks. I would like the American Bartenders School New York to add a class on wine and food pairing.

"Howard my bartender class instructor was really funny"
Tamara B
Howard my instructor was very animated and funny. I liked the American Bartenders School New York because it taught me the bartending basics quickly and it was fun

Alex American Bartenders School Graduate

"I like learning new drinks and thought bartending would be a fun job"
Alex B
I wanted to bartend for extra work and I’m interested in making drinks. The class taught me more than mixing drinks. Several of my friends took the American Bartenders School course and are working as bartenders.

Leonarda Bartender School Graduate

Lenoarda shows her stuff bartending
Lenonarda P
My instructor Michael was a great bartender and teacher. I liked his technique for teaching. The instructors at American Bartenders School are the best.

Steve P practices making drinks

"The bartender's class was fun and easy"
Steve P
I became a bartender to have a lucrative job for the rest of my life. Howard teaches an easy and fool proof technique that benefits the bartender. He’s a wise owl. The class was worth the tuition 100%. I’m ready to go to work

Chloe F American Bartending School Graduate

"I'm confident that I can be a great bartender"
Chloe F
The American Bartenders School NYC has a real friendly environment and the instructors are cool. I would like the school to add a hands on tasting session on wines and beers.

Samantha makes a whiskey sour at American Bartenders School

"I liked the 1 on 1 help Michael my bartending school instructor gave me"
Samantha C
I took the American Bartenders School NYC because as a bartender I can make fast money and it’s a new experience. I liked the 1 on 1 attention I received from my instructor

Natasha bartender school graduate makes a Long Island Ice T

"My friend said I make lots of moneyas a bartender"
Natalia L
I’m for Russia and a friend of mine suggested I become a bartender because I would make lots of money. Howard was very understanding and helpful. My English is not so good, he took special time to help me. Thank you much Howard and American Bartenders School New York

Arthur double pours during bartending mixology class

"My friend took the class and he's working as a bartender"
Arthur F
I became a bartender because I wanted an interesting part time job and I was always interested in bartending. I choose the American Bartenders School New York because my friend recommended it.

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