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Bartenders In Demand

I work at a job where I don’t have an opportunity to meet new people, and the job is on the boring side. I didn’t want to quit my job, and I needed a little excitement in my life friends. Bartending seemed like a good idea. I took the two-week night class. I found out there was a big demand for part time bartenders who know what they are doing.

Bartenders Salaries

I was laid off from my job because the company was losing money. I needed a skill that I could learn quickly, and I could make money. I took the class at American Bartenders School, and 1 week later I was a certified bartender. I now work in upscale restaurant. I make good tips and eat great food. I am a happy guy.

Great Instructors

I liked the instructors at the school. I was little scared when I first started the class because I don’t drink. The instructors were very patient and knowledgeable. They really cared about me learning bartending and were always there to help.

Office worker making some extra cash

I work in an office, and I have too much month at the end of my money. I wanted to get a part time job where I could earn more money and have some fun. I like the club atmosphere, lots of people and music. My friend took the bartending class last year at American Bartenders School. The job placement department sent her on 5 job interviews, and she had two job offers.

Great Summer Job

I am a college student. I took the course because I wanted to work a summer job that was fun, and not a drag. Within a week after finishing the school, I had a job lined up at a club close to the beach. It’s going to be a fun summer!

Bartending School Review

Maria O..

I was impressed with how easy and fun it was to learn bartending. Because the school is set up like a real bar, the class was like on the job training. Once the instructor showed us how to make the drinks the class went behind the bar and practiced. It was like learning how to drive a car. The more I practiced the better I became. I like the hands on training.