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Bartending Salaries

Bartenders Earn a Salary and Tips
Bartenders Earn a Salary and Tips

A frequently asked question here at American Bartending School is what salary can a person earn bartending?

Bartenders work for a salary and tips. The salary is usually $9-$10 per hour plus tips. The salary may be higher or lower depending on how busy the establishment is and the state’s minimum hourly laws.

Most bartenders aren’t concerned with the hourly salary. They are much more concerned more about the tips and how busy the bar is. Tips can be substantial and this is one of the most attractive reasons to be a bartender. According to the “CNN Summer Tipping Guide “2009, a patron should tip $1 a drink or 15%-20% of bar bill before tax. Some customers may tip more or less depending on the level of service and the demeanor of the bartender.

The tips can be considerable because a bartender can serve 100 to 200 drinks per shift. Some of our graduates working at clubs and restaurants have told us that on during a good shift they can earn $300 to $400 and sometimes more. A shift is a working day.

Remember that good tips depend on good service. This is something that we constantly stress and cover extensively in our bartending school training program. No server or bartender should expect a tip when they provide poor service.

If you’re now a bartender or someone who wants to be a bartender, here are a few simple suggestions on how to give good service to increase your tips.

• Always acknowledge customers when they arrive or want another drink.

• Always greet customers with a smile and a friendly hello.

• Always ask how there drink is after they have had a chance to taste it.

• Always say thank you when they pay their tab.

• Always say good bye and thank them for coming in.

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