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Why Bartending Jobs are Secure, No Automation or Out Sourcing

The recent recession has made it difficult for many unemployed people to find jobs in their field. The one area where employment opportunities are growing are in the service industry. These type of jobs are difficult to

American Bartender School Graduate NJ
American Bartender School Graduate NJ

automate or outsource abroad. This is especially true for bartenders. If someone at their local bar wants a drink, they can’t send the order to China or India. It has to be made on the spot quickly and efficiently.

A recent report by the U.S. Government for the job market showed signs that economic growth is slowing and well short of full employment. If you’re an engineer or a specialized factory worker, job prospects for this group of skilled workers has been strong. Globalization and the rapid advance of technology have diminished job opportunities for unskilled workers and many office workers.

The real job growth according to David Autor , an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are personal service jobs that can’t be automated or easily done by machines. Bartending is a perfect example of type of job that can’t be eliminated.

Between 2007 and 2010 the total number of jobs fell by 6%. Some sectors of the job market fell by as much as 12% if they were in middle management of office work. While personal service jobs only fell by 1%. The payrolls of the US large companies that specialize in personal services has been growing steadily in recent years. According to the Wall Street Journal Panera Bread Co. has increases its U.S work force by 22,000 jobs a 50% increase. Chipotle Mexican Grill has added another 12,000 new jobs to its work force an increase of 60%. Health Care companies have also increased their work force substantially by 84%.

Because of the increased job opportunities in the service industry, many people who lost their office or factory jobs have been forced to accept lower paying jobs in the service industry. Let’s face it; working in fast food doesn’t pay very much. It’s OK if you’re a teenage but if you’re a bread winner you need something better.

While many service jobs are on the low end of the pay scale, bartending is one of the better service jobs. According to the US Department of Labor estimates bartenders earn $20-$30 and hour with their salary and tips. If they work for a hotel or restaurant chain, they may receive health care and retirement benefits.

Victor Torres, a graduate of the American Bartenders School in Palm Desert, Ca. had a construction job that paid him $50,000 to $60,000 a year. Victor was a high school drop out and started working construction at 17. “It was great while it lasted, but I don’t think construction is going to come back for a long time and that’s while I decided to learn a new skill and become a bartender.” Victor now works at a local casino as a bartender and thinks he will make as much bartending as he did in construction. “People always eat and drink no matter what the economy. I think people drink more the tougher times get.”

Rachel Hernandez a recent graduate of the American Bartenders School NYC “I lost my job on Wall Street and needed some fast training. I got certified in a week and I now work at a sports bar in Brooklyn. It beats sitting at a desk all day.”


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