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A Lesson on Liquor Brands for New Bartenders

While creating this online bartending school, I was bartending at a lounge in the adorable town of Pine Mountain Club, California.  The owner of Basecamp Cafe and Info Lounge reached out to me and thought it would be a great idea to do a 1 day recreational bartending workshop.  Because the cafe only had a wine and beer license, they had recently acquired an amazing set of liquor substitutes by Premium Blend.  It was win-win for everyone involved!  We promoted the new products to the attendee’s, I got to teach bartending to a fun crowd and film the whole thing for you to enjoy!

I’ve cut the video’s into short lessons so you can get an idea of what is involved in learning to become a bartender. Keep in mind that this series of videos were filmed at location while I was teaching a crash-crash course on how to bartend for recreational proposes.  This is completely different from the online bartending course that I created for those who actually want a deeper understanding on how to become a bartender.

In this short video, I discuss the importance of knowing your liquor brands and how learning the shapes of the bottles can help immensely!

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