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What’s the Difference Between Shaken Vs. Stirred Martinis?

Shaken or Stirred? There are a few differences between shaking and stirring Martini’s. A stirred martini will achieve a temperature of about 40° F. That’s a pleasant temperature at which to drink a martini. The shaken martini however reaches a frosty 29° F, below the freezing point of water.

Second, the bartender will not give you extra liquor to make sure the glass is full. The melting ice from being shaken provides extra volume so you can enjoy your martini just a little longer. Consequently stirring renders a 60 proof drink whereas shaking provides 45 proof. Same amount of alcohol, but it lasts longer.

Third, shaking is healthier, as shown in this scientific study. It demonstrably shows that the antioxidant levels are significantly improved. There seems to be a strong relationship between lowered risk of cataracts, cardiovascular disease, and strokes with the alcohol’s increased antioxidant activity.

Finally there a belief among some bartenders that shaking can “bruise” gin. This implies damage, but what is really happening is the increased formation of aldehydes making the flavor sharper (making those antioxidants for you) which compensates for the dilution of shaking.

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