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Top 10 Bartender Job Hunting Mistakes

Top 10 Bartending Job Hunting Mistakes

Review the following 10 job hunting mistakes when seeking a bartending job. Correct what you can, clean up, and you will improve your chances of landing a good bartending job.

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1.  Not having the proper experience or knowledge for the position you’re applying for. Just because you may know how to make a few drinks, doesn’t make you a work ready bartender. Without proper training from a state licensed bartending school or actual bartending experience you’re probably wasting your time.
2.  Don’t show up at breakfast, lunch, or at dinner time and expect to get an interview, this is the wrong time.  Go before or after these meals for best results.
3.  Don’t give your resume to a perspective employer without first checking for spelling and grammar errors; giving incomplete
information with regard to education and work experience will always raise questions.
4.  Dress appropriate for the job interview, go on a job interview looking successful.
5.  Don’t have bad breath.  Remember, you are face to face with the hiring manager.
6.  Bathe or shower before your interview, don’t overdo it with deodorant, after-shave lotion or perfume.
7.  Always smile in the interview.  Remember, bartending is a face to face business.
8.  Job seekers should give a 24 hour phone number for call backs.
9. Turn off your cell phone before going in for an interview, left on; it gives the impression that you’re not serious about being in the interview.
10. If you want to work as a bartender and don’t have any experience invest in a forty hour state licensed bartending school.  Being school trained gives an individual at least six months of work experience.  It’s an added bonus; managers will always hire professionally trained bartenders, it’s the on the job experience that you get from school that counts.

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  1. Good tips. It’s amazing how many people will show up at a lunch hour expecting that someone will speak to them. Running the bar/restaurant is the main priority, not interviewing a potential candidate.

  2. im realy learning a lot frome you guys , and i ll love to learn some more but i from Mexico City and i have no chance to go to your school . SOME EXTRA IDEA?

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