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How Much Money Can I Make Bartending?

This is a question that most people who are thinking about becoming a bartender ask.

Bartenders work for a salary and tips. The salary is between $8 and$10 per hour plus tips in most areas. The hourly salary may be higher or lower depending minimum wage laws. One


of the most attractive things about bartending is the potential for tips. According to the “CNN Summer Tipping Guide “2009, a patron should tip $1 a drink or 15%-20% of bar bill before tax. Some customers may tip more or less depending on the level of service and the demeanor of the bartender. On a busy shift a bartender can serve several hundred drinks. A good night’s salary for a busy bartender may be between $300 and 400 in tips and their hourly salary. This is one of the primary reasons bartending is attractive to people who like night life and don’t mind hard work.

What each bartender earns depends on numerous factors. The most important is good customer service skills. Other important things are

• How busy the establishment is.

• What shift they work.

• What days they work.

• Do the servers tip out the bartenders at the end of the shift and share 15% of their total beverage tips with the bartender. This is a practice where the bartender works the service bar and primarily makes drinks for customers sitting at tables and not at the bar.

• How good is their customer service skills

• Do they acknowledge customers when they arrive or want another drink?

• Do they greet customers with a smile and a friendly hello?

• Do they ask how there drink is after the customer has had a chance to taste it.

• Do they say good bye and thank them for coming in

Customers want to have an enjoyable experience. A friendly, polite bartender that takes care of customers is an important part of the success of every establishment. This is why at American Bartenders School the dos and don’ts of customer service are important parts of our bartender training. Good customer service skill can’t be over emphasized. Especially, if the bartender want to rake in the tips.

9 thoughts on “How Much Money Can I Make Bartending?”

  1. what is the age range for a woman to want to become a bartender ? how old is to old ? i always wanted to be a bartender and i am just now finding a school that offers the training.

  2. We have had women from 18 to 60 take the class and start working as a bartender. Give us a call at 800-532-0222 and visit one of our schools to see if bartending is for you.

  3. im bartender for more than 5 years could you help me to find a job there! im from philippines have various experiences in 5 star hotel im 30 yrs old….

  4. Hey im a 19 yr old mom and im trying to find the best possible way to pay house hold bills and pay my way thro college. Is a bartender a stable enough job to make that much, especially in new jersey???

  5. Bartending is great way to make money while going to school and there is a big demand for female bartenders in New Jersey. Bartenders earn $15 to $30 per hour working part time. Visit one of our schools and we see if bartending is for you.

  6. I’m 19 & live in Chicago … for the summer what jobs can I find bar-tending? Do i need to go to school for that because I do not have any experience? And how much do they make?

  7. hi i would not mind if u could email me are message me at 1876 850 1414 i would like to now how much bartenders earn for there salary in toronto and if am working tell me the amount of tip i would make in nights than day…thank u

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