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Hangover Cures

Best Hangover Advice

One of the the most important things for a good bartender to know is how to cure a hangover.  Here at American Bartenders School this is an important part of our customer service training.

I wish I followed the hangover advice

Everyone has their favorite cure for the hangover and most of them have little or no validity. A hangover is the body’s reaction to being poisoned with too much alcohol. Drinking rocks the central nervous system. It leads to headache, dizziness, and nausea  and dehydrates you.  The results  include headache, fatigue, cotton mouth, queasy stomach

Your body composition is directly related to how much you can drink.  The more body weight you have the more you can drink without getting a hangover.  For you light weights, just a couple of drinks can trigger a headache and other hangover symptoms.  It’s a good idea to drink water between drinks to keep hydrated and to lessen the amount of alcohol you consume.   Some research suggests that drinking fruit juices or other sugar-containing liquids can decrease hangover intensity.  This may or may not be true depending on what you’re adding to it.

It doesn’t matter what type of alcoholic beverage you drink or the order you drink it in.  Drink enough and you’re sure to feel the effects the morning after.  The reason being is that your liver can only process so much alcohol during a given period of time.

One thing that can help is the type of food you eat before you start partying.  Any food can slow the body’s absorption of alcohol, fat does it best. Pizza, chicken wings, or any other type of fatty bar food will help you avoid a hangover.

Don’t take aspirins or any type of acetaminophen before you go night night.  Take the pills when you first wake up.  Alcohol disrupts how the liver processes acetaminophen, possibly leading to liver inflammation and permanent damage.

Avoid the hair of the dog the morning after a heavy bout of partying. More alcohol in the morning does nothing but postpone a hangover. The worst symptoms hit when blood-alcohol levels drop to zero. If you have a Bloody Mary at breakfast, it will only delay you feeling like crap later in the day.

Stay away from that hot cup of coffee when you wake up. It will hurt you more than help. Drink water of sports drinks to replace lost electrolytes. This is especially important if you puked the night before.  Don’t waste your money on herbal cures or other over the counter remedies.  The only thing that is going to take away the terrible hangover feeling is time.

Understand that alcohol can potentially be a killer.  Alcohol poisoning is a potentially deadly medical emergency. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include:

  • Confusion, stupor
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Slow, irregular breathing
  • Low body temperature, bluish skin

If you or someone that you’re with shows these symptoms, play it safe and head for  the nearest emergency room.



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