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Bartender Job Search Tips

Finding a bartending job is more than showing up for an interview.  The best bartender jobs go to the people who not only know how to be a bartender, but also know how to impress the person interviewing.  Following these tips will help you get the bartending job that you want.  One of the best parts of the American Bartendings School bartending class is this information is taught by experienced instructors.

These are brief descriptions of bartending job search tips.  The video job tips are less than 3 minutes and they contain information that will help you find a bartending job.  Our job placement service can tell you where the jobs are but you have to go out get the job.

  1. How to prepare a good bartending resume
  2. Put in the proper amount of time and effort in your bartender  job search
  3. Keep going on interviews until you find a bartending job
  4. Always bring a resume and have to date reference information
  5. Be aware of your personal appearance
  6. Look your best when you interview
  7. Don’t go on an interview when the place is busy
  8. Bring all your references with addresses and phone numbers
  9. Don’t others on the interview
  10. Learn how to find bartender jobs that aren’t advertised
  11. Mentally prepare yourself  for the interview

Prepare a short one page bartender resume with your photo. Make copies and leave one with everyone you talk to about a bartending job.

If you’re cold calling always ask for the name of the person who is in charge of hiring bartenders and when is the best time to speak with them. Never ask to see the person who does the hiring when it’s busy. If you happen to arrive at an interview when it’s busy, ask when a good time to come back is.

Always have a face to face interview with the person doing the hiring. Don’t depend on a resume to do all the work or trying to get the job on the phone.

Always dress for success. A bartender represents the public face of an establishment.

  • Always have your hair neatly trimmed and combed.
  • If you have facial hair, beard, etc., make sure it’s neatly trimmed and short.
  • Wear dark slacks and a neatly pressed black or white shirt.
  • Don’t wear flip flops, sandals or running shoes.
  • Don’t put on heavy after shave lotion or perfume.
  • Make sure your hands and finger nails are clean and well groomed.
  • If you have facial piercing, take them out unless you applying for a job at a rock bar or club. You can put them back in after you have the job.
  • It’s a good idea to cover your tattoos up. Often employers have a negative view of piercing and tattoos.
    Remember – you’re going to be the public image of an establishment as a bartender.

The bartending interview

A question you’ll be asked is “what type of experience do you have?” Don’t only answer “I went to bartending school” Practice what you’re going to say and how you’re going to answer the question when an interviewer asks you how much experience you have. It’s imperative you answer this question with confidence and enthusiasm. This is the reason it’s important you practice answer this question in front of a mirror or with a friend. Pretend you’re going to audition for a reality TV show where you can win a million dollars. 85% of your communication on a job interview is done through your body language. Confident body language will help you get the job.

Possible answer to the bartending experience question

I’m a graduate from the American Bartending School. I know how to professionally and quickly prepare over 100 basic and fancy drinks. The training was behind a full working bar with all real equipment. It was hands on training where I learned by doing.

The training is equal to several months of actual work experience. I learned product knowledge about liquors, wines and customer service. The class also taught me alcohol awareness and service bar speed techniques.

I have good people skills, reliable transportation, and consider myself to be a good worker. I am a team player, who takes direction well. I will be an asset to anyone who employees me.

If you want some one who is knowledgeable, honest, dependable and willing to learn how you want things done, I’m the person for the job.

Memorize this and practice saying it to a friend or in the mirror. Speak with enthusiasm and confidence.

  • Relax and answer each question concisely.
  • Respond promptly.
  • Use good manners.
  • Learn the name of your interviewer and greet him or her with a firm handshake.
  • Use proper English—avoid slang.
  • Be cooperative and enthusiastic.
  • Use body language to show interest.
  • Thank the interviewer when you leave.

Information to bring to a bartending interview

  • Social Security card.
  • Government-issued identification (driver’s license).
  • Bartender Resume
  • References. Employers typically require three references. Get permission before using anyone as a reference. Make sure that they will give you a good reference. Try to avoid using relatives as references.

If the establishment is not hiring, do the following.

  1. Ask if you can leave your resume and explain that you would like to be considered if there are any future openings.
  2. Ask if they aren’t hiring now, when in the future do they think that they may be interviewing for potential positions.
  3. Ask if they know any other establishments that may be interviewing for potential positions.
  4. Don’t become discourage if you aren’t offered a job after an interview. Our training program has given you the skills to become a working bartender. Thousands of graduates have successfully found bartending job and you will also. It may take a few weeks, but if you keep searching you also will.

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