Student Reviews

Class was Great! 

Class was great it was such a stress reliever after work and I enjoyed attending every day. That was years ago back in 98’, it’s been a while since I have been behind the bar and I wanted to get back into it. I found out that if I already went through the class that I would not have to pay again for a refresher class what a bargain. Joe verified my information and I was able to jump back in. This investment from a long time ago paid off big time!!!!!”
– Danny P. (Citysearch)

Howard is a great teacher 

All my friends tell me that I would make a good bartender since I make all the drinks at our parties. Taking the 2-week course built my skills as a bartender, the speed drills were motivating and fun. Howard was a great teacher, he was very positive and able to work with me one on one.”
– Natalie P. (Citysearch)

What a great experience! 

What a great experience this was for me. All the lessons were easy to understand and it took two weeks for me to finish the class. Having this under my belt gave me a new way to make some extra money. This is one job that won’t ever go away no matter what happens everyone has to drink. Thank you American Bartenders school”
– Juday G. (YellowPages)

Good teachers & Atmosphere 

Craving to change my job and get into a new atmosphere and of course in need of money. I know that bartenders make good money, especially here in the New York…so here I came! I really enjoyed my classes at American Bartending. I loved the fact that I can was able to take as many classes and not feel rushed to complete the training. The teachers here have a great methods of teaching us the drinks and how to remember what goes in what. Good teachers & atmosphere!
– S Liberty (YellowPages)

Dream come true! 

My dream has always been to work in a club as a bartender. I love the music the people and the whole scene. This class taught me everything I need to know to get my dream started. The teachers were great and nice, it all looked so real from the liquor to the bar setup . My teachers were great they helped me write a good resume and taught me how to interview so I would know what to do and say on my job interviews. The class was taught with details and love they really wanted to make sure that you learned it all before they set you off into the world of bartending.”
– Floridita (Yellowpages)

Fit my busy Schedule 

I had a great time and the morning class fit my busy schedule. I learned more than I thought was possible in two weeks. Everything was great I just wish we had a little less lecture time and more take-home assignments. But everyone was very supportive and let me know that if I needed more time I could stay as long as needed.”
– Burghlin (Yellowpages)

I feel SO Prepared! 

I feel SO prepared! I really enjoyed the class…Howard, the instructor was so knowledgeable, fun, friendly and pushed us to be better. Their hands-on approach in a real bar setting were awesome too! Thank you-American Bartending!!”
– Zinga G via (Citysearch)

Got my money’s worth! 

Because I needed a job and I wanted to have a fun job, that keeps me busy I took this class. The instructors were really good and thorough, especially at catching mistakes before they became bad habits. I feel that I truly got my money’s worth here at American Bartending School!”
– Cece via (YellowPages)

I give the class a 10+++ 

I took the bartending class to get my license, the job looks fun and my friends make good money. What I liked best about the class is that I learned how to deal with pressure, I really grew as a person. Howard was so into what he was teaching about and he knows a lot about bartending. I would not change a thing I give the class a 10+++”
– Carol L. (Yellowpages)

Manhattan Madness! 

What a great class I learned so much in a little time. Howard had our best interest in mind. He gave us many useful tips that apply to the real world, not just the classroom. Not only did I learn how to make the drinks but I learned the technique.”
– Barry (Citysearch)

Great Value! 

Not having a job made me think of bartending school, I always wanted to learn this. I liked how the classroom was set up like a real bar. Joe was always behind us coaching and giving encouragement, It was a good way to meet and work with all different types of people.”
– Buster (Yellowpages)

Best Instructor! 

For already being a bartender for over a year I was surprised how much more I learned. Howard was knowledgeable, fun and gave clear instruction. This class gave me information about the responsibility of bartending and more!”
– Jerod M. (Yellowpages)

Make GOOD Money! 

I wanted a skill in order to make good money. I also wanted official high-quality training and certification so could get out there and land a primo job. The hands-on approach and patience was fantastic! I learned a HUGE amount in 2 weeks. Now I really am rocking a wonderful bartender position and making great money! Thank you American Bartending School!”
– Kimmie (Yellowpages)

It’s The Best 

A student schedule is hard, I needed a social job that would compliment my time off. I took bartending classes and had a lot of fun. It was very interesting to learn about all the drinks and the alcohols. now that I am done with the class I feel very confident about getting to work if I can do this anybody can.”
– M Brigman (Yellowpages)

The School Delivered 

I was looking for a part-time job that paid great money. I work as a photographer and at times extra income is welcome. Bartending came to mind and I looked online and found American Bartending School. The class was easy and fun. The job placement really worked out well for me. The work hours as a bartender fit perfectly with my photo sessions. The money I make bartending is exceptional. No doubt the school delivered and trained me well and I found a fantastic bartending job.”

NYC’s Finest 

This is the first time I have had to study in a long time. My brain felt like it had a workout.. There is a lot of memorizing of drinks to be a good bartender. My teachers drilled the variety of recipes in my head. They told me that would make me the best because of my knowledge and customer service skills. I thought bartending was all about handing out beers but that is not true. I now know that its a skill that needs to be sharp like a knife to get good. Thanks, American Bartenders School for the tough love.
– Marcus J (Yellow Pages)

Long Live ABS 

I have to be completely honest. When I signed up to go here I was extremely intimidated. This school is everything and more though. The instructors answered every question with patience and poise. I will be forever grateful to ABS for the opportunity they gave me and the training they gave me. When I walked in I didn’t know the difference between Run and Tequila and now I have this plethora of knowledge that I can take with me everywhere and a certificate to prove it. I think that Joe or as I like to call him, “Professor” is the greatest teacher I have ever encountered. I am definitely recommending this school to as many people as I can. Long Live ABS! :)”