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New York Bartending School

American Bartending School New York has trained thousands of men and women
just like you for well- paying bartending jobs

Call Now 800-532-9222 for Price and Schedules

  • 40 Hour 1 or 2 Week Bartending Certification Class
  • Learn Bartending by Behind a Real Bar
  • Bartending Job Placement Assitance
  • Make up to $150-300 Daily
  • Low Tuition with Affordable Payment Plans
  • New York’s Largest Bartending School Since 1969
  • Thousands of Working Graduates

American Bartending School 252 W 29th Street, New York, New York

American Bartending School News Reports
Employers of American Bartending School Grads and over 1,000 0ther fine estabishments
Michael W American Bartending School New York Graduate
Michael W

Michael W…I wanted to get bartending license because I was laid off after 15 years with the same company. I needed a new job skill fast. A friend of mine told me I should become a bartender because you could get trained in 2 weeks at the American Bartending School in NYC and the school would give me help finding a bartending job.


Shawana C American Bartending School
Shawana C ..

Sherwana C… I took the American Bartending School New York training because I like working with people. I was tired of boring office work and wanted a new career that was interesting and where the money was good. I was talking to a bartender at a club and she told me that she makes over $400 in salary and tips on a good night. I have already recommended the class to my sister and 2 friends. One of them started the class today.

Misty N...American Bartending School New York
Renee N....

Renee N…I love my instructor Howard. I wish all my teachers in college had the energy and enthusiasm that he has when giving a lesson. Howard made mixology fun, interesting and educational. If there were a National Bartending Instructor of the Year Award, my vote would be for him.

American Bartending School News Reports
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