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Meeting and Team Building Activities

Group & Team Building Activities

We can provide your guest with unique and interesting activities. American Bartenders School’s bartending, wine and beer classes have been attended by thousands 0f participants . The fun, interesting and educational activities can be tailored for team building or presented as an entertainment or social event.

We make beverage tasting fun, interesting, dynamic and interactive. We have a fresh take on simple living and traditional food. The bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables are the best the area has to offer, and we take delight with locally available delicacies. Guests learn about beverages and food in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, but most importantly, people learn about themselves and about each other.

The 2 hour cheese and mixology, wine, or beer class includes a 30-minute reception where guests will have an opportunity to mix, mingle, and enjoy sparkling wine. During your drinkable education, you’ll savor a selection of cheese, olives, antipasto, and more.

American Bartenders School will provide instructors and class handouts. Your facility will provide beverages and appetizers depending on guest package.

Bartending Boot Camp- 2 Hours

You’ll learn how to set up a home bar and professional bartending techniques.  American Bartenders School’s experienced instructors will demonstrate the art of mixology and give insight into the liquor basics. Learn how to mix, stir, and shake some of the most popular cocktails.

  • Drink recipe book
  • Detailed information on how to set up and stock your home bar
  • Demonstration and instruction on how to use bartending tools and equipment
  • Learn how to shake, stir, strain, and serve like a pro
  • How to make exotic frozen/blended specialties, specialty coffees, and hot toddies
  • Fun ways to garnish, rim, and serve drinks like a master mixologist
  • Advice on choosing the correct and latest glassware and mixers
  • Integrated with sampling of some of the cocktails demonstrated.

Wine Class for Novices -2 Hours

Understanding the basics of wine types, selections, storage and tasting is often a mystery to most of us. This interesting and easy to understand class is designed to answer basic questions and add new dimensions to your wine experience.

You’ll gain an appreciation of wine that will help you judge color, aroma, flavor, and body. The class will help you understand the meaning of wine concepts such as dryness, acidity, fruitiness, tannins, varietals and vintages. You’ll get valuable tips on how to buy and store wine, and how to demystify a restaurant wine list. This is the perfect introductory class for beginners and novices who want to learn the basics.

American Bartenders School has been training bartenders for over 44 years and wine is an important part of the training. This experience has helped us develop a simple and informative class covering these topics.

  • Wine Education Book
  • Tips on Buying and Storing
  • Understanding the Differences Between Popular Wines and Their Characteristics
  • How to Read a Wine Label and What it Tells You
  • Demystify a Restaurant Wine List
  • Wine Tools and Glassware
  • The Basics of Wine and Food Pairings
  • Common Wine Terms
  • Tips on How to Taste and Evaluate a Wine will be integrated with a tasting and analysis of red and white wines.

Beer 101-2 Hours

The course will cover the history of beer, the most important types of beer in production, the process of fermentation and the key ingredients that make the flavor of beer so special.

  • We will discuss draught and bottled beer
  • Trends in micro brewing
  • Proper method and temperatures to serve beer
  • Glassware
  • Beer and food pairings and the etiquette involved in pouring and serving beer correctly

From the sophisticated flavor of the “black and tan” to the notorious “Boilermaker” we will demystify what beer is all about. Integrated with a sampling and analysis of the various beer styles.

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