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Employers: Do You Need a Bartender?

American Bartenders School has both new and experienced graduates available to fill your bartending job openings. This is a free service to you, to help fill your bartending needs.

10 Reasons to Hire an American Bartenders School Graduate

  1. Graduates earn how to make balanced drinks that taste good and are profitable for the establishments.
  2. The class is taught in a real bar with the same equipment all establishment have.
  3. The instructors are excellent bartenders and teachers with years of actual bar experience.
  4. They teach a curriculum that has been developed over the last 41 years with the input and advice of thousands of owners and managers that have used our graduates.
  5. The training is hands on. Students learn by doing. They build manually dexterity and speed through constant repetition.
  6. They have acquired the ability to make drinks quickly and efficiently while accurately measuring ingredients that will balance the taste of the drink to provide greater enjoyment and satisfaction to customers.
  7. Consistent accurate bartender pouring means greater profits for establishments.
  8. Recent studies have shown that bartenders free pouring on an average over pour 27 percent more liquor than bartenders who measure.
  9. Graduates learn proper customer service to provide guest with and enjoyable upscale experience.
  10. Graduates complete a required National Restaurant Safe Serve program on alcohol awareness to help insure customers drink responsibility and help deflect potential law suits against the establishment.
  11. Employers are under no obligation to hire any graduate that they interview.

The bartending school class consists

  • How to set up the bar station and handle all equipment and tools
  • Mixology where students practice making over 100 of the most popular drinks
  • Introduction to popular liquors and wines
  • Service bar and speed techniques
  • Customer service skills
  • Training in alcohol awareness and state liquor laws

Contact us at: 800-532-9222 or fill out the form below.


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