After opening body

Vampire Elixir

Don’t let the name scare you.  You’ll enjoy every sip.

  • 1 oz vodka
    Collins Cocktail Glass
    Collins Cocktail Glass
  • ½ oz apricot brandy
  • 2 oz sweet and sour
  • Shake with ice and strain into a stemmed cocktail glass.
  • Float ½ oz Grenadine on top


Fill the cocktail shaker half way ice and add the cocktail ingredients. Close the shaker firmly, and hold it with your right hand wrapped around the top and your left hand cradling the bottom. Raise the shaker over your shoulder and shake hard until the drink is  chilled, 10 to 15 seconds. Strain it into a glass—a good shake will leave a layer of very fine ice shards on the surface of the drink


Bossa Nova


Place all ingredients into a Collins glass filled with ice shake or stir

  1. ½ oz Rum
  2. ½ oz Galliano
  3. ½ oz Apricot Brandy
  4. 1 oz sweet/sour
  5. 1 oz pineapple juice
  6. Garnish with a cherry
  7. build

This drink uses some older type of liquors that may not be as readily available these days. But if you get a chance to make this drink it is very good and has a very unique taste.


Collins Cocktail Glass
Collins Cocktail Glass


Apricot Sour

  1. 1 oz apricot brandy or apricot schnapps
  2. 2 oz sour mix
  3. Cherry garnish

The Apricot sour is a great twist on the sour family of drinks ask your bartender for this tasty variation.

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