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New Jersey Bartending School

American Bartending School New Jersey has trained thousands of men and women
just like you for well- paying bartending jobs

Call Now 888-240-3980 for Price and Schedules

  • 40 Hour 1 or 2 Week Bartending Certification Class
  • Make up to $300 Daily With Salary and Tips
  • Bartending Job Placement Service
  • Bartending Jobs Hiring
  • Learn Bartending by Doing
  • Low Tuition with Affordable Payment Plans
  • New Jersey’s Original Bartending School Since 1969

American Bartenders School 353 Route 46 West, Bldg C, #220, Fairfield, NJ 07004 and over 1,000 Other Fine Establishments

Employers of American Bartender School NJ Graduates
Where our graduates are bartending and over 1,000 other establishments
American Bartending School Graduate
Luis R…

Luis R…Jennie the instructor know her stuff.  She ‘s a master mixologist and has over 20 years experience bartending.  I wanted to get my bartending license because I’m a college student and needed a good paying part time job to help pay my expenses.  I’m going to like bartending! The American Bartending School was great and I have recommended going to bartending school to several of my friends.

American Bartending School Graduate Kyla
Kyla S..

Kayla S…I’m a mom and I needed a job to help pay the bills. A friend owns a bar. He told me to go to bartending school and he would give me a part time job.  The hands on mixology class was like on the job training. I’m really excited about starting bartending. Taking the American Bartending School class in NJ as helped me out.

William-G Amercan Bartendering School Graduate
Willian G…

William G…I wish the course used really liquor.  The drinks I made looked terrific and I wanted to taste them.  The bartending training was like working in a real bar.  I thought it would be hard remembering the drinks but once you start making them it was easy. I liked the personal attention of my instructor at the American Bartending in NJ. They really care.

American Bartending School as Seen on TV
American Bartending School as Seen on TV

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