Our courses and teachers come highly recommended by graduates. Please see our student review page to see what real students have to say about American Bartenders School.
We offer our mainstream forty hour bartending certification program, as well as our two hour personal enhancement classes in basic mixology, wine for novices and beer for novices. Not sure what class is for you? Read the reviews posted online by previous students for some insight into which class might better suite your needs.
The 40 hour certification class includes:
    • Mixology training by licensed instructors that helps to ensure that you learn all of the drinks required to effectively handle a commercial bar. We make sure you can pour accurately, multi task, handle cash and up sell to boost profit for the bars that employ you.
    • Liquors and Ingredients - During this section of the training, students learn about the products they work with to create great tasting drinks. Flavors and mixability are discussed along with the quality and price points of ingredients.
    • Customer Service - Students learn how to give efficient and courteous service. Good service equals better tips, which will put more money in your pocket.
    • Alcohol Awareness - You learn to serve alcohol with care and to control any risks effectively. Many owners require bartenders to have this training before allowing you to get behind their bar.
    • Interviewing Techniques and Resumes - You will learn how to successfully interview for a bartending position. Students learn how to fill out an application, resume preparation, how to dress and answer interview questions.
    • Wine Basics - Popular regions and varietals, opening wine the proper way, glassware and other facets of service etiquette are discussed.
    • Beer Basics - Keg tapping, proper pouring, import and domestic products, beer system maintenance and beer production is covered.
    • Job Placement Assistance - The most high profile contacts that have been developed through our tenure as the most prominent bartending school are provided to you anytime you need a job.
    • Lifetime refresher training - Come back at any point and take the class again to brush up, practice at our facility or learn new drinks that have become popular.
The 2 hour classes include:
Your choice of a basic introduction to bartending, beer or wine. Through these classes, the student gets a taste of what it's like to be behind the bar while learning a few of the most popular cocktails, demystifying the world of wine or exploring beer. The classes were designed as a fun and inexpensive way to get an interactive feel for the world of adult beverages.
We offer a full day or part day program, which will allow you to complete the training in either one or two weeks.
Full day classes (eight hours per day for one week) are from 9am to 5:30pm or 1:30pm until 10pm Monday through Friday.
Part day classes (four hours per day for two weeks) run in the morning from 9am to 1pm, the afternoon from 1:30pm to 5:30pm and in the evening from 6pm to 10pm.
We also offer a 'FLEX' program, in which we arrange a custom schedule that suits your matter how hectic your schedule may be.
At American Bartenders School, we never rush you through the program, so you can learn at a pace that is most comfortable for you.
We also offer lifetime refresher classes to all 40 hour graduates of our school.
Two hour deal site classes run by appointment on weekends only. Check our deal site booking page here for availability.
Many bartenders don’t know why they do things when making mixed drink cocktails.  They are simply following a recipe.  A mixologist is a bartender who understands why specific things are done or not done to make great tasting drink recipes. This knowledge allows a mixologist to perfect great new drink recipes.
Your diploma from American Bartenders School will certify that you have been fully trained and tested in every phase of bartending.  This is the only certification necessary for you to start working as a bartender.
No, you don’t need a license to bartend.  Some cities require bartenders to complete an alcohol awareness class.  You’ll receive this certification at the completion of training.
Experience, reputation, and results. We urge you to visit one of our schools first to see why over 100,000 men and women have chosen our school over all the others. One 20 minute visit will show what the difference is.  We are the nation’s oldest, largest and most experienced bartending school.  We are constantly rated the best bartending school by national organizations. But don't take our word for it, check out the reviews posted online by our students.
Yes, as a graduate you can use the placement service whenever you need it.
Our excellent job placement service will help you find a job and is free to graduates for the rest of their lives.
It depends on your motivation. Some students are out interviewing for jobs while attending class and have already lined them up by the time they finish.
Don’t worry. You can stay as long as you like, at no additional charge. We want you to be totally confident in your bartending skills.  You can take extra classes and practice free. Read some reviews from real students.
All ingredients are measured. Measuring ensures consistency in drinks.
No, but all the liquor is simulated to look and pour like real spirits.  During the bartending class students are amazed at how real the drinks look.
Bartenders earn a salary and tips.  According to national surveys, a bartenders salary with tips averages $50,000.  The amount of money bartenders earn depend on three things. Their customer service skills, the number of customers they serve, and if they like dealing with the public. It’s estimated that over 75% of the people who order drinks tip the bartender.  Many graduates earn up to $150-$300 daily.